TORHILD – The Winter Warrior

” … Torhild’s day started with a routine… a routine that was precise for the last three years… She was the warrior in charge of guarding the lake and the passage between the hills that connected her homeland with the outer world… The calm sky was peaceful. The frozen lake was a beauty itself to Torhild’s unique blue eye…She was constantly scouting the horizon, while her mind linger time to time on past things… on warm thoughts and strong embraces of a loved one. Nothing seemed to ruin her day… and yet, all signs indicated the invasion of the north’s barbarian horde… Torhild’s calm was broken.. she quickly set up the smoking signals for the nearby watchers in order to call for battle the warriors of the land… ”













This shooting was planned a long time ago, precisely from last year, after the autumn shooting with my model TIMEA. We was waiting for the snow in order to make a winter shooting together,  but the winter had other plans… The script has changed a several times, but finally, I found a nice scene, the model agreed to take part in my new idea… and on a Saturday cold winter afternoon we headed to the frozen lake…  and above you can see the results…

Photograper / Editor: Zsigmond BATHORI ( myself)

Model / MUA / Styling : Timea BARABASI

Light Assistant: Claudiu BAIAS

Model’s Assistans: Gyongyi NAGY, Tunde BALAZS

Fire Master / Making of : Gyozo HAMOS

Prop Supplier: Lehel VALICS

PS: I know, the fake lightning is pretty obvious, I know… but for the sake of the fantasy I had some fun :). It seemed pretty difficult to control the colored smoke grenades smoke directions… in that waste open land the wind was changing its direction pretty random… nevertheless,it was a great team experience!


URAMI BUSHI (HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 , or whatever …)

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well… like it or not, the new year is not gonna be much different from the old one… unless you make it different! Plans, promises and desires, we got them all a handful. But we need to put effort and work behind them to make them happen… I started this year with an easy shooting, where I was mostly light assistant, driver and it felt good. My goal was to help out Bella, a fellow photographer who organized the shooting,  yet capture one shot, that I gradually built up in my mind due some inspiring things over the weeks…

I wish everyone a better year, but hey… don’t just dream!!! Work, create, get inspired and have fun!

urami bushi 1200



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