Life comes upon you unexpected. It takes for a while to realize you have a mind, a body, and somewhere in between them, a soul… Living the days by minutes or seconds, can leave you empty or shallow… but living your days with love can leave you filled with joy and happiness… but just as easily, it can leave you with pain and sorrow… No matter what you do in life, mostly you take chances… you gamble the present moment for a future gift… although you feed your body and feed your mind, your hiding soul starve and famish for  love and affection… and seldom you can dare to love not caring for the consequences that may lead to pain… one way or another, you have to admit it! Love hurts! 愛は痛み! … and yet… taking no chance may prove the biggest risk of all!












































Model: Andreea Paltineanu

MUA: Andreea Dumitrescu

Text/Photo/Editing: Zsigmond Báthori ( me 🙂 )

PS: I do know that the previous teaser announced an accommodation shooting with TIMEA … a bit more patience please, soon it will follow… PROMISE!



Shooting Judith

Back in business! At least it seems so! I had the opportunity to photograph a model in order to create a casting poster for Crystal Models Agency. The best part was that I had free hand on the location, the lighting and the concept of the shooting. I knew the dress what the model would wear on that day and partially I was told about the make-up. As a starting place I picked Incanto Cafe from downtown and later on I moved the photo shoot near the National Theater. My lighting assistant was Claudiu and the make-up artist was Gyopi. I wanted to push this shooting a bit towards fashion rather than glamour this time. I am still waiting to obtain the final form of the casting poster and as soon as I receive it I shall post it. Altogether it was a great teamwork and I have to thank you all for your support!



Ildikó – Shooting

I fancied to shoot this model quite for a while, but never had the opportunity until recently. Her look is quite a brand, red curly hair, lots of freckles all over the face and body as well. I wanted to shoot a bit different so I asked her to change the hair for this shooting. Lucky me, she agreed! I used ambient light combined with one or two strobe w/o reflecting umbrella. I post some photos with my light-stand in the picture because lately I got questions from fellow guys if I use any strobe light at all, or I just fix my shots in PS. As a matter of fact, I do both! Enough talking, here are the photos…


Zsuzsi is back!

Our last shooting was in February, as I recall. But after we examined that shooting’s result we both concluded that a new photo session is due. I got the time, the temperature was tolerable and we proceeded with a new shooting, as planned, finally. I got my photo bag and my strobist kit, Zsuzsi got her girlfriend as assistant to her and me and had a great time. I tried to shoot one model with many faces, not emphasizing beauty and glamour but mood and feelings in my shots… here are the results:


Gy. Csilla – Shooting

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Well, I was longing to get my camera out of my bag and have a good time shooting a girl. Luckily my model was glad for the opportunity and embraced some of my ideas as I enjoyed some of her ideas. I tried to keep this session as simple as possible using either one flash with shoot-through umbrella or only natural light available. Some photos are edited in order to simulate certain film-types, but some are colorized just to match my mood… that’s why the colors are a bit.. weird. To summarize the shooting I could only use one word: FUN!


Ioana – Prom Shooting

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Well, Ioana has finished high school as well. She asked me to make her some photos. I took the assignment gladly! And the details are… : Riverside. Available light. Sometimes a large reflector… Enjoy!


Katalin – Prom Shooting

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Katalin is a lovely girl who wanted me to take some photos about her at the end of her high-school. She has some sparkling eyes and a naturally radiant smile that cannot take a NO for an answer.All the shooting was made in natural light, occasionally I used a large gold-silver reflector. It started out somewhat shyly but at the end the shooting was fun and relaxing!


Barna – Shooting

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… I must admit this was a spontaneous shooting today at noon, when my brother and I met in Zanza for a coffee…I took advantage of the available light from two large windows, a prime lens 50/1,8 mk1 from Canon and my friends  40D camera… I can only say, the coffee tasted good and I enjoyed myself!


Mirabela – Shooting

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She wanted to pose. I did my part… Using my strobist equipment and the available light, the time passed by… But at the end both of us were pleased…

IMG_5975-1 copy

IMG_6017-2 copy

IMG_6057-4 copy

IMG_6039-3 copy

IMG_6106-6 copy

IMG_6100-5 copy

IMG_6118-7 copy


Amy – Shooting

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Amy is a young girl who is about to try out some modeling experiences. She asked me to help her out with some photos in order to be able to study herself… The shooting started somehow uneasy but at the end it was fun alltogether…

IMG_0140-70 copy

IMG_0219-136 copy

IMG_0370-264 copy

IMG_0420-307 copy

IMG_0562-419 copy

IMG_0598-451 copy

IMG_0623-474 copy

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