Kata – Shooting

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Sunday. Too hot outside, even in the morning hour… I planned this shooting with Kata, a 19 years old girl from a nearby town,  in order to get her comfortable in front of the camera and to get her used to posing. I started out with natural light, than later I used a flash on light-stand with a shoot-through umbrella. I managed to obtain some interesting shots, but what am I posting here are only those photos that she agreed to become public.



Gy. Csilla – Shooting

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Well, I was longing to get my camera out of my bag and have a good time shooting a girl. Luckily my model was glad for the opportunity and embraced some of my ideas as I enjoyed some of her ideas. I tried to keep this session as simple as possible using either one flash with shoot-through umbrella or only natural light available. Some photos are edited in order to simulate certain film-types, but some are colorized just to match my mood… that’s why the colors are a bit.. weird. To summarize the shooting I could only use one word: FUN!

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