Kriszta – Shooting

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I know Kriszta since she was a little girl… Her eyes were always vivid and curious about the surroundings even when I first met her. And the time passed… and passed… and recently I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures about her… Long story short: it was fun!

IMG_0817-1 copy

IMG_0824-1 copy

IMG_0837-2 copy

IMG_0864-3 copy

IMG_0872-4 copy

IMG_0891-5 copy

IMG_0914-6 copy


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  1. I think Kriszta is really pretty! She’s a good subject to work with! The first picture is goofy, which is fun, but for some reason I did not like it all that much. I can’t say what about it really. The second picture I was not fond of her pose. It looks rather strained and odd with her other hand so far behind her. The rest of the pictures are gorgeous!! I love the third one! It really shows how tall and slender she is and it shows how very pretty her face it! The fourth one almost looks like she’s taking a picture of herself, which is very neat! The fifth one is probably my favorite! The sixth one is really neat because the she and the inside are so bright while the outside is so dark, like looking into a window at twilight…very Juliet like 🙂 Wonderful pictures! I hope she likes them!

    Comment by Carrie — 10/09/2009 @ 4:49 am

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