Mirabela – Shooting

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She wanted to pose. I did my part… Using my strobist equipment and the available light, the time passed by… But at the end both of us were pleased…

IMG_5975-1 copy

IMG_6017-2 copy

IMG_6057-4 copy

IMG_6039-3 copy

IMG_6106-6 copy

IMG_6100-5 copy

IMG_6118-7 copy



Ioana – Shooting

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Ioana is a young girl with some modeling experience. She was introduced to me by a fellow young photographer named Ovidiu. At first I was trying out some strobist shooting, but later I took what had left from natural light…

IMG_1033-1 copy

IMG_1045-2 copy

IMG_1087-3 copy

IMG_1166-4 copy

IMG_1214-5 copy

IMG_1236-6 copy


Kriszta – Shooting

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I know Kriszta since she was a little girl… Her eyes were always vivid and curious about the surroundings even when I first met her. And the time passed… and passed… and recently I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures about her… Long story short: it was fun!

IMG_0817-1 copy

IMG_0824-1 copy

IMG_0837-2 copy

IMG_0864-3 copy

IMG_0872-4 copy

IMG_0891-5 copy

IMG_0914-6 copy


Eva – shooting

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Eva is my favourite English teacher since… since I know her. This is her first shooting experience which took place at high noon in the nearby forest…

IMG_0700-54 copy

IMG_0724-74 copy

IMG_0732-82 copy

IMG_0710-61 copy

IMG_0720-70 copy

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